Workaround to HyperBack task failed with Exit -603 Error


When backing up virtual machines by using HyperBack, the task may fail with Exit -603 error.
This error is caused by Actiphy RCTHelper installed on Hyper-V but not working properly.

The following errors are recorded in Task Log.

09/27/2022 19:00:00.111 Query RCTHelper return -950, 0 Level = ERROR[0]
09/27/2022 19:00:00.111 #### ERROR GetDisksBitmapFileWithPush() @ AgentlessBackup.cpp(494): -603 Level = ERROR[0]


1) Go to “Apps and features (Programs and features)” on Hyper-V host on which the virtual machines are running and select “Actiphy RCTHelper” to uninstall.
2) Please take full backup of the virtual machines again. When taking incremental backups of the virtual machines, “RCTHelper” is reinstalled on Hyper-V host.

Target Products

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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