Workaround for the issue that a hard disk is not detected in boot environment


When booting into Windows PE-based or Linux-based boot environment, the hard disk specified for the backup destination or restore target may not be detected. This is because the driver for storage controller is not included in the boot environment. Since you are not allowed to add the driver in Linux-based boot environment, please use Windows PE-based boot environment and try the following workaround.


Update Windows ADK to the latest version so that the driver for storage controller will be updated and the hard disk may be detected.
When using earlier version of Windows ADK, please update Windows ADK to the latest version and build Windows PE-based boot environment again.

2) Load the driver for storage controller

ActiveImage Protector / Boot Environment Builder (AIP2022 or later):
In boot environment created by adding drivers from the list in BE Builder wizard, when a storage or network driver is not recognized, please download the storage driver or network driver from the PC hardware maker’s Web site.
Only drivers in “.inf” file format can be added to Windows RE/PE. A driver in installer file format such as “Setup.exe” is not supported to add in boot environment.
Launch Boot Environment Builder wizard, click [Add driver] in [Add driver] window and please add “.inf” file.

When booting into Windows PE-based boot environment, go to [Utilities] -> [Driver Loader], load the downloaded driver and see if the hard disk is detected.

*When booting boot environment which a driver is added in advance, the boot environment fails to boot up in Error code “0xc0000098”.
This issue depends on the combination of the version of ADK and the added driver.

As a workaround, please download the latest ADK and the driver supporting the ADK version from the maker’s site and check if boot environment boots up and availability of backup file.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 / 2022
– ActiveImage Deploy USB


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