While backing up Hyper-V host, the status of the virtual machine is not indicated as [Backing up].


When backing up Hyper-V host, in order to maintain integrity of online virtual guest, VSS setting has to be Component Mode.
In Component Mode, the status of the virtual machine becomes [Backing up…] when VSS is running.
In this status, the I/O changed while backing up is saved in avhdx and merged to VHD or VHDX after the task completes.
In non-component mode, the above operation is not performed so that the integrity of the virtual machine is not maintained.

The settings can be configured as follows:

[Edit Schedule] -- [Destination] -- [Advanced Setting] -- [VSS Setting] -- [Operation Mode]

The earlier versions does not provide Operation Mode option. By default, Component Mode is selected.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 / 2022


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