When running File Copy task using Mount Image feature, the file is damaged


When copying file from the image which a drive letter is assigned, the file is damaged.
*File Copy task normally completes, however, in some cases the file may be damaged.
Since the mount driver built in ActiveImage Protector is designed to copy only a few files, we confirmed that copying a large number of file may well cause this problem.

Besides, when the mount driver hangs up, the following problems may occur.

・Unmount is disabled.
・Explorer is disabled.
・Shut-down Windows is not disabled.
・BSOD occurs in the environment where File Copy task is running.


When restoring a file from a backup image file, please upgrade to ActiveImage Protector 2022 and use File Recovery or iSCSI Target Server feature, Since these features built in ActiveImage Protector 2022 do not use AIP’s mount driver, the above phenomenon do not occur.

AIP Console — Recovery — File Recovery
AIP Console — Image Manager — iSCSI Target Server
*iSCSI Target Server is available with Server Edition only.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2016 / 2018 / 2022


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