When executing a task, license error message is displayed and the task fails.


When a task execution fails in license error, the same key may be used for the product activation in another environment, and you do not have enough licenses.

You are trying to activate the instances exceeding the number of purchased licenses. Please check the number of licenses you have purchased. You are currently licensed to back up "N" number of computers.
Do you want to deactivate a backup source host?


Please activate the product on this machine again. When you want to use an existing backup task settings, please use the following operating procedures.

Operating Procedures
1) Configure a new task settings. When selecting [Next] in [2. Select Backup Source], the following message is displayed.

* As this new task will be finally deleted, you can configure the settings as you like.

2) When selecting [Yes] in the above message, a list of computers is displayed. Please select the host name for deactivating the product and select [Deactivate].

3) When [Activation succeeded] message is displayed, click [OK].
The license is deactivated on the selected host. The existing tasks on the host are disabled and fail in license error.

4) When the new task is created, you are allowed to use the existing task. Please delete the task created with the above step 1).

Target Product

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