Virtual conversion to VM workstation pro


The following are the operating procedures of virtual conversion to VMware workstation 16 pro using ActiveImage Protector 2018.

Operating Procedures

1) Create a backup image file by using ActiveImage Protector.

2) Virtual Conversion using ActiveImage Protector – Virtual Conversion from a backup image – Check in the checkbox for [Create virtual disk only] to create vmdk file.

3) Prepare a virtual guest machine on VM WorkStation, in advance.
– Install OS later
– Select virtualized OS –
– Do not change the default inventory name and location (option)
– The vmdk file created by the above step 2) will be attached later.
– Save as a single file.

4) Take the following operating procedures in Property window (right-click on Inventory -> Setting) on the guest virtual machine created on VM WorkStation.
– Delete the existing disk.
– Attach the disk created by Virtual Conversion.
[Add]>[Hard Disk]>[SATA]>Add existing file (select the created vmdk file)
* [SATA] may be changed to other interface when OS does not boot up.

5) Boot up the virtual guest machine.


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