Virtual Conversion task using split image file fails in Error -439.


Virtual Conversion task using an image set including backup image created and split by ActiveImage Protector fails in Error -439.

10/20/2021 03:00:20.723 #### ERROR CImageII::GetDependentImages(utf8ImageName,Images) @ RestoreImage2.cpp(7478): -439 Level = ERROR[2]
10/20/2021 03:00:20.723 An error occurred while converting disk 0 [Error:-439]
10/20/2021 03:00:20.725 {IDS_STRING3067}Restore complete
10/20/2021 03:00:25.744 {IDS_STRING3018}Exit Code: -439
10/20/2021 03:00:25.744 [-439] A dependent incremental image is missing or inaccessible
10/20/2021 03:00:25.744 {IDS_STRING3013}Processed 0.00 GB in 00:00:19 ID=1634698805; {IDS_STRING3019}1 Errors; {IDS_STRING3009}There were errors during the operation.


This is a known issue.


Please try one of the following workaround operating procedures.

1) When configuring schedule settings, please configure the following settings to create backup image and restore backup image to the migration target in boot environment.

[Select Destination] -- [Advanced Settings] -- [Make backup image P2V ready]

2) Disable Split Image option in advanced setting, create and virtualize backup image.

Go to [Select Destination] -- [Advanced Settings] and uncheck [Split image into xx MB files].

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 / 2022


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