Authentication Error occurred when accessing the destination storage for saving backup images


The path to the destination storage and the authentication history are saved in folderhistory.ini when configuring the schedule settings with ActiveImage Protector 2018.
The next and subsequent authentication is performed based on the information.
Therefore, when the password for accessing the destination is changed, authentication error may occur and the backup task may fail in error.

When you get authentication error for accessing the destination storage, please try the following workaround.


1) Stop AIP Service

Stop “ActiveImage Protector Service” from the list of Windows Services.

2) Delete “folderhistory.ini” located in AIP Install path.

3) Restart Workstation service
Restart “Workstation” from the list of Windows services.

4) Start AIP Service
Start “ActiveImage Protector Service” from the list of Windows Services.

5) Run a one-time backup or a scheduled backup.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018


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