Upgrading AAS Docker


If AAS Docker is set up, AAS Docker can be upgraded from AIP-packages-tool.

Running AIP-packages-tool displays the following menu.
When you enter [8] and AAS Docker is installed, upgrade process will be performed.

* In an off-line network environment, please download in advance, copy and paste to “/tmp” over the internet.

* AAS menu is displayed only for RHEL8 and RHEL8 clones.

[1] Agent
[2] GUI
[3] [1]-[2]All
[4] Install Kernel-devel
[5] Install datto driver
[6] Install AIPLinux
[7] Uninstall datto driver
[8] Install AAS
[9] Uninstall AAS
[10] help
[11] exit

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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