Truncate Exchange Server transaction log when using HyperBackup


When running HyperBackup task, a snapshot of Hypervisor is taken to back up. However, since VSS on virtual machine does not run, truncating Exchange Server transaction log is not performed.


Truncating transaction log requires VSS-enabled snapshot on virtual machines.
AIP 2018 Update 7 includes two types of scripts for PowerShell and VBS for truncating Exchange Server transaction log.
* When the use of PowerShell is not allowed, please use VBS.

When configuring the schedule settings for HyperBackup, please select [Advanced Option] – [Script to execute after the snapshot is taken] for the script located in the following path.
* Please log in as a user in the Domain [administrator] and enable administrative share.

C:Program Files (x86)ActiphyActiveImage ProtectorHyperAgenExtCmd
– diskshadow.ps1
– diskshadow_ex.vbs

For the result of truncation, please refer to the following log information.
C:Windowstemp<host name>_script_log.txt

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update 7


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