The difference between backing up / restoring entire disk and a specific volume


ActiveImage Protector provides backup and recovery of Entire Disk / Volume.
When configuring backup settings, you have to select Entire Disk or a specific Volume for the backup source by taking into consideration of the circumstances of restoring the backup image.

Decide Backup Type

– Backup entire disk
Unless there is any particular reason, you are recommended to select [Entire Disk] for the backup source.

– Backup a volume
In some special environment (cluster, etc.) where you need to back up a specific volume, please select [Volume] for the backup source.
* In case of system volume recovery to bare metal disk in BIOS boot system environment, ActiveImage Protector excludes the data in 62 sectors at the beginning including boot sector or the data in 2047 sectors from restore source, therefore, the restored OS does not boot up.
* In case of system volume recovery to bare metal disk in UEFI boot system environment, OS may not boot up due to STOP Error 0xc000000e.

Decide Restore Type

When restoring entire disk, multiple volumes in the disk are restored at a time in a simple and fewer-trouble operation.
Volume Recovery is recommended only when you need to restore a specific volume.

How to restore entire disk
Right-click on [Disk 0] of the item to restore (backup image to restore) and specify the restore target.
Please select a disk for [Target Setting](restore target).

When restoring entire disk, the entire volumes in the disk are selected to restore with one restore task.

How to restore a volume
When restoring a volume to a bare metal disk (initialized disk), right-click on the target disk for initialization.
Next, right-click on the restore source and specify the restore target volume.



You need to specify a specific restore source volume and restore target volume and run a volume recovery task. The same operating procedures have to be repeated for the number of volumes to restore.

Target Products

– ActiveImage Protector 2016/2016R2/2018


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