Setting Default Performance


Go to [Preference] in console menu and select [General] to configure the settings for default performance (I/O) for task execution.
If you move the slide bar to extremely left, the process time will substantially increase. Therefore, you can move the slide bar to left as little as possible for adjustment.

As you cannot confirm the setting value, please check in the following file.

Location of config file

Eearier version

Windows Edition
C:Program Files (x86)NetJapanActiveImage Protectoraip.ini
Linux Edition

ActiveImage Protector 2022

Windows Edition
C:Program FilesActiphyActiveImage Protectoraip.ini

Linux Edition

Open “aip.ini” file by using a text editor and check the following parameter in [aipcopy] section.


“0” indicates “light workload” and “100” indicates “fast”. Please select the workload value from 100 to 95. Please keep in mind that if “95” or lower value is selected, the performance will be significantly reduced.
After the parameter setting is reconfigured, the new setting will be applied from the subsequent task execution.

Target Product

ActiveImage Protector 2016 / 2018 /2022


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