Replace offline activation with online activation


Actiphy Authentication Service (AAS) enables license activation without requiring a persistent internet connection.
In the environment where internet connection is available, online product activation over the internet is necessary instead of AAS.
This article provides the description about how to replace offline activation (AAS) with online activation (Actiphy Authentication Server).

1) Uninstall AAS
Please uninstall AAS installed in the environment.

2) Delete [LC] section in online.ini file
If you used AAS for license activation, the information of AAS is configured in AIP2022 config file. Unless you delete the information of AAS from AIP2022 config file, replacing offline activation with online activation fails.

Please entirely delete [LC] section in online.ini file located in install folder of AIP2022.

Target Product

– Actiphy Authentication Service(AAS)
– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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