Recommended back image file consolidation task settings


You are recommended to configure the settings for back image file consolidation task as ActiveImage Protector’s post-backup task and ImageCenter LE task as follows.

Leave latest n incremental file(s)
→ Specify the number of incremental files that should be excluded from consolidation.

Use Smart Consolidation
→ Should the source incremental image files to consolidate include deleted data, the consolidated image file size is reduced by the deleted data size. The process time may take longer but the storage requirements will be reduced.

The number of image files to remain
When enabling “Leave latest 7 incremental image files” option, 9 image files will remain in the destination.
The existing image files are as follows.

Red-boxed image file:
This file is base (full) backup image file.
Consolidation task runs to consolidate incremental backup image files except for the base backup image file.

Blue-boxed image file:
Incremental backup image files are consolidated to this file.
Since this file is not included in “Leave latest n incremental image files” option setting, n + 1 backup image files will remain.
(Ex: In case you enable “Leave latest 7 incremental image files” option, 7 + 1 = 8 incremental backup image files will remain.)

Yellow-boxed image file:
These incremental backup image files were excluded from consolidation.
These are the 7 incremental image files which you specified for “Leave latest n incremental image file(s)” option.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018
– ImageCenter LE


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