How to connect iscsi target in Linux-based boot environment




The following example is provided assuming that iscsi target is registered with IP address

1)Boot up Linux-based boot environment (CentBE/DebeanBE).

2)Enter the IP address registered with iscsi target.

   [Utilities] — Select [Network Setting].

3) Launch the terminal.

   [Utilities] — Select [Open Terminal].

4)Discover iSCSI target.

   # iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p <IP address of the target server>

5) Log in the target server.

   # iscsiadm -m node --login

6) iscsi disk is recognized as a local disk. Select [Utilities] > [Mount (Local)] in AIP console and mount the iscsi volume. You are enabled to monitor the contents in the volume.


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