ActiveImage Protector Error Codes

When Backup tasks fail, error codes are returned.
NOTE: -88880001  to  -88880199 are reserved for push install.

Error code Description
AIP_OK 0 No error.
AIP_MORE_DATA 1 Data did not all fit in the pipe.
AIP_CANCEL -1 Operation cancelled by user.
AIP_PARTIAL_SUCCESS -2 Partial success.
AIP_SKIP_TASK -3 skip task.
AIP_BAD_COMMAND -99 Invalid command to service.
AIP_BAD_PARAM -101 Bad parameter(s) to the Service.
AIP_PIPE_ERROR -103 Service not installed or enabled.
AIP_PIPE_BUSY -105 All pipes are busy.
AIP_PIPE_READ_ERROR -107 Error reading pipe.
AIP_DISABLED_ERROR -111 Service disabled.
AIP_ACCESS_ERROR -115 Access denied to service.
AIP_BUF_TOO_SMALL -117 Buffer was too small to hold data.
AIP_COPY_ENGINE -121 Copy Engine failed to start.
AIP_BAD_CONFIG_PARAM -131 No such AIP.ini configuration parameter.
AIP_INVALID_VALUE -133 Invalid configuration value.
AIP_CONFIG_WRITE -135 Can’t write to AIP.ini.
AIP_CONFIG_PARAM_EMPTY -137 AIP.ini configuration parameter is empty.
AIP_NO_SCHEDULE -141 No matching schedule found.
AIP_WINDOWSUPDATE_RUNNING -150 Windows update is running.
AIP_USBHDD_UNPLUGGED -151 USB HDD destination unplugged.
AIP_TASK_NOT_FOUND -161 Task not found.
AIP_TASK_PENDING -162 Task is pending.
AIP_TASK_RUNNING -163 Task is running.
AIP_NO_DRIVE -201 No drive found.
AIP_REMOVABLE_DRIVE -203 Removable drive found.
AIP_UNSUPPORTED_DRIVE -205 Unsupported drive found.
AIP_NO_VOLUME -211 No volume mounted on device.
AIP_DEVICE_INUSE -213 Device has volume mounted.
AIP_ALREADY_MOUNTED -215 Volume already mounted.
AIP_VOLUME_INUSE -217 Volume in-use – cannot lock.
AIP_PARTITION_ERROR -231 Error getting or setting drive partition.
AIP_NO_PARTITION_ERROR -233 Error no partition in drive layout.
AIP_NO_EXT_PARTITION_ERROR -235 Error no extended partition in drive layout.
AIP_NO_LOGICAL_PARTITION_ERROR -237 Error no logical partitions in drive layout.
AIP_NO_DEL_SYSTEM_PARTITION -239 Error delete a system partition.
AIP_TOO_MANY_PARTITIONS -241 Many partitions on a disk.
AIP_TOO_MANY_DISKS -243 Many disks on a system.
AIP_INVALID_DISK_INFO -245 Invalid disk info.
AIP_DISKSIZE_CHANGE -246 Disk size change.
AIP_BAD_PROFILE -301 Invalid Profile.
AIP_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND -303 Profile file not found.
AIP_STRING_TOO_LONG -305 Profile string too long.
AIP_PROFILE_WRITE -307 Can’t write to profile.
AIP_PROFILE_NAME -309 Invalid profile name.
AIP_VSS_ERROR -311 Could not start VSS.
AIP_SNAPSHOT_NOT_FOUND -312 snapshot not found.
AIP_VSS_IN_PROCESS -313 other snapshot in process.
AIP_SNPAHOST_READ_ERROR -314 read snapshot error.
AIP_SCRIPT_ERROR -321 Error running script.
AIP_LAUNCH_PROCESS_ERROR -330 launch a program but failed.
AIP_UNSUPPORT_CLIENTVERSION -331 Unsupported Client Version.
AIP_REPLICATION_ERROR -340 Do replication error.
AIP_REPLICATION_NOSPACE -341 Not enough free space on target.
AIP_IMAGE_NOT_FOUND -401 Image file not found.
AIP_PATH_NOT_FOUND -403 Path to image file not found.
AIP_ACCESS_DENIED -405 Access denied to image file.
AIP_CHUNK_NOT_FOUND -407 Image chunk not found.
AIP_BAD_VERSION -409 Image file version unsupported.
AIP_BAD_MAGIC -411 Bad magic in image file – probably not an image file.
AIP_IMAGE_CORRUPT -413 Image corrupt or truncated.
AIP_INVALID_PASSWORD -415 Image password is not correct.
AIP_INVALID_NAME -417 Image name is invalid.
AIP_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND -419 Device not found. Is aip.sys installed?
AIP_DRIVE_EXISTS -421 Mount attempted on existing drive.
AIP_DRIVER_ERROR -423 Mount failed.
AIP_NO_DEVICE -425 All devices in use.
AIP_VOLUME_NOT_FOUND -427 Restore target volume not found.
AIP_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND -429 Restore source volume in image not found.
AIP_VOLUME_TOO_SMALL -431 Restore target volume too small.
AIP_VOLUME_SIZE -433 Restore target volume wrong size.
AIP_IMAGE_MODIFIED -435 The base image of a differential has been modified.
AIP_IMAGE_DEPENDENT -437 The image could not be mounted writable because it has dependent images.
AIP_IMAGE_INUSED -438 The image is used.
AIP_IMAGE_MISSING -439 A dependent incremental image is missing or inaccessible.
AIP_IMAGE_UNSUPPORTED -440 Unsupported image file
AIP_NO_DRIVE_LETTER -441 Could not assign a drive letter to a volume.
AIP_IMAGE_SAME_GUID -442 Same GUID image already selected
AIP_CREATE_VOL_ERROR -443 Error creating new target volume.
AIP_ERROR_DYNAMIC_DISK -445 Cannot use Restore Disk to restore a Dynamic Disk.
AIP_ERROR_DYNAMIC_NTFS -447 Source volume must be NTFS to restore to a Dynamic Disk.
AIP_VOLUME_MODIFIED -449 The size of volume has changed since base image was created.
AIP_INVALID_SOURCE -451 The source for an Incremental or Differential image does not match the base image.
AIP_CI_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND -455 Create source volume or disk in computer not found.
AIP_UNSUPPORTED_FILESYSTEM -456 Unsupported image file system.
AIP_NOT_DIRECTORY -457 The remote path is not a directory.
AIP_CONNECTION_REFUSED -459 Connection to remote path refused.
AIP_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY -461 Directory not empty.
AIP_COPY_FAILED -463 Copy process failed.
AIP_COPY_TO_SUB_FOLDER -465 Copy folder to sub folder(dead loop).
AIP_SCHEDULE_NOT_FOUND -501 Schedule file not found.
AIP_SCHEDULE_BAD_NAME -503 Invalid schedule name.
AIP_SCHEDULE_CORRUPT -505 Schedule corrupt.
AIP_SCHEDULE_WRITE -507 Can’t write to schedule.
AIP_SCHEDULE_BAD_PARAM -509 Invalid schedule parameter.
AIP_SCHEDULE_DISABLE_ERROR -510 Schedule disable error.
AIP_SCHEDULE_DELETE_ERROR -511 Schedule delete error.
AIP_DEDUP_ERROR -521 Dedupe error.
AIP_FILE_NOT_FOUND -551 File not found.
AIP_FILE_PATH_NAME_TOO_LONG -552 file path name too long.
AIP_FILE_NOT_OPEN -553 No open file.
AIP_FILE_ALREADY_OPEN -555 File already open.
AIP_FILE_EOF -557 End of file.
AIP_FILE_ERROR -559 Error writing to file.
AIP_PC_NOT_FOUND -560 Computer not found.
AIP_PC_NOT_CONNECTED -561 Computer not connected.
AIP_PC_NO_MAC_ADDRESS -562 Computer MAC address not found.
AIP_PC_PUSHPORTNOTOPEN -563 Port for push install not open.
AIP_PC_NO_AIP -564 Computer no AIP.
AIP_SOCKET_ERROR -571 Socket error.
AIP_COMMUNICATON_ERROR -572 Communication data from wire is not as suppose.
AIP_WRONGREMOTE_PASSWORD -573 Wrong password for remote control.
AIP_ANOTHER_REQUEST_ONGOING -575 Communication data from wire is not as suppose.
AIP_REMOTE_ERROR -581 Error connecting to remote computer.
AIP_USER_ERROR -583 Error logging on a remote user.
AIP_INVALID_USER -585 User is not an admin of remote computer.
AIP_FTP_ERROR -588 FTP error.
AIP_LOGON_ERROR -591 Error logging on as network user.
AIP_INVALID_NET_PASSWORD -593 Password is incorrect.
AIP_HTTP_REPONSE_ERROR -594 Error in response from the HTTP server.
AIP_TRACKING_DRIVER -601 Sector Tracking driver not installed.
AIP_NOT_TRACKING -603 Source volume is not being tracked.
AIP_INVALID_BASE -605 Tracking was started using a different base image.
AIP_EMAIL_CONFIG -611 E-mail not configured.
AIP_EMAIL_ERROR -612 E-mail Server return an error.
AIP_PUSHFILE_ERROR -620 Push file from client to server error.
AIP_CONNECT_HOST_ERROR -621 Connect ESXi/Hyper-v host error.
AIP_CREATE_VM_ERROR -622 Create VM error.
AIP_CREATE_NIC_ERROR -624 Create NIC error.
AIP_UPDATE_VMX_ERROR -625 Update VMX file error.
AIP_CREATE_SHARED_FOLDER -626 Create shared folder error.
AIP_DELETE_VM_ERROR -627 Delete VM error.
AIP_CONNECT_VM_ERROR -628 Connect VM error.
AIP_CHANGE_CBT_ERROR -629 Change CBT error.
AIP_CREATE_SNAPSHOT_ERROR -630 Create Snapshot error.
AIP_REMOVE_SNAPSHOT_ERROR -631 Remove Snapshot error.
AIP_PIPELINE_ERROR -701 Aip Pipeline Error.
AIP_DISK_FULL_ERROR -702 Disk full.
AIP_UNSUPPORTED_PACKAGE -703 unsupported install package.
AIP_RFE_NOT_FOUND_HELPER -704 Missing the file ‘rfehelper.exe’.
AIP_RFE_INVALID_LOCAL_PASSWORD -705 Invalid username & password for local pc.
AIP_RFE_EMPTY_REMOTE_USER -706 Empty username for remote pc.
AIP_RFE_INVALID_REMOTE_PASSWORD -707 Invalid username & password for remote pc.
AIP_RFE_TARGET_PATH_NOT_A_DIRECTORY -708 Target path is not directory.
AIP_RFE_CONNECTION_FAILED -709 Connection failed.
AIP_RFE_SAME_NAME_EXISTING -710 Same Name error for file/folder copy and rename.
AIP_RFE_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT -711 Connection timeout.
AIP_RFE_CONNECTION_REFUSED -712 Connection refused.
AIP_RFE_PATH_NOT_FOUND -713 Path not found.
AIP_RFE_OPEN_DIR_FAILED -714 Open directory failed.
AIP_MYSQL_NOTRUNNING -720 MySQL is not running.
AIP_ERROR_PASS_UNAME -730 Error connecting to MySQL.
AIP_ERROR_NO_UPDATE -740 No new updates are available.
AIP_ERROR_HTTP_UPDATE -741 Error occured in the HTTP/HTTPS request.
AIP_ERROR_HTTP_NOINIT -742 HTTP lib is not initalized.
AIP_ERROR_VM_RUNNING -760 Target VM is running.
AIP_ERROR_HOST_MAINTAINMODE -761 Host is in maintenance mode.
AIP_DISK_LAYOUT_ERROR -800 Virtual disk partition layout couldn’t be read.
AIP_NO_LICENSE_PROTECT -901 No Protection.
AIP_LICENSE_EXPIRED -902 License or evaluation term has expired.
AIP_LICENSE_ACTIVATED -903 License is already activated.
AIP_INVALID_LICENSE_DATA -904 Serial number or activation key is invalid.
AIP_ACTIVATION_SUCCESS -905 The activation is success.
AIP_IT_LICENSE_EXPIRED -906 License term has expired for the IT Pro edition.
AIP_LICENSE_ERROR -910 Common license error.
AIP_LICENSE_KEY_MISSING -911 Product key missing in registry.
AIP_LICENSE_KEY_TAMPERED -912 Product key tampered in registry.
AIP_LICENSE_KEY_NOSUPPORT -913 Product key not support.
AIP_LICENSE_KEY_INVALID -914 Invalid license key.
AIP_LICENSE_ONLINE_ERROR -915 Error during run online activation.
AIP_LICENSE_KEY_EXPIRED -916 Product key install limit expired
AIP_MAP_DRIVE_INVALID -920 Drive to map is invalid or in use.
AIP_NETCFG_NO_DATA -930 Get Adapters info failed.
AIP_NETCFG_ADAPTER_ERROR -931 Get Adapters info failed.
AIP_NETCFG_SET_IP_ERROR -932 Set ip failed.
AIP_NETCFG_SET_DNS_ERROR -933 Set dns failed.
AIP_NETCFG_IP_USED_ERROR -934 IP already used.
AIP_NETCFG_WRITE_REG_ERROR -935 Write registry failed.
AIP_NETCFG_LOAD_INTERFACE_ERROR -938 Load Adapter interface info failed.
AIP_NO_DLL -950 Dll not found.
AIP_NO_FUNCTION -951 Function in Dll not found.
AIP_UNKNOWN_DLL_EXCEPTION -952 Function unknown exception in DLL.
AIP_NO_NET_FRAMEWORK -953 No .net framework found.
AIP_NO_HYPERVISOR -954 No Hypervisor found.
AIP_TIMEOUT_ERROR -990 Time out error.
AIP_WIN32_ERROR -999 Some unexpected Windows error.
ERROR_OPEN_SCM -88880003


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