Initial incremental backup task fails to create full backup image – Exit Code -999


As a design of ActiveImage Protector, the initial incremental schedule task creates a full backup if full backup is not detected at the backup destination.
However, the first incremental task fails to create a full backup image with error -999.

04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 Entering CreateBaseImageInstead
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 open file failed Level=ERROR [2]
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 Leaving CreateBaseImageInstead
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 ###### an exception caught in DoCreateImage Level=ERROR [2]
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 ###### canceled or error occurred, deleting all new created files
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 {IDS_STRING3085}Create a image complete
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 PerformanceSlide: 100
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 {IDS_STRING3018}Exit Code: -999
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 [-999] An unexpected platform error.
04/15/2020 01:53:32.801 {IDS_STRING3013}Processed 0.00 GB in 00:00:01 ID=1586915611; {IDS_STRING3019}2 Errors; {IDS_STRING3009}There were errors during the operation.

This happens with ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6.


It is a known issue.
It will be fixed in the next release.


Please run the first full backup manually after upgrading to ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6.
Please be aware that by performing a full backup manually, it will be skipped even if you schedule the next full backup.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6

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