Failure to create Windows PE environment with Windows PE Builder

Symptom 1

Cannot refer the list of the browsed driver with [Load INF file].

Symptom 2

The following error occurred during the creation of Build Windows PE environment.


This is a bug in the software.


If ActiveImage Protector 2016 is installed

1) Download from an attached file.

2) Replace the binary.

WinPeBuilder2.exe  –  file version

Install Folder:
C:Program FilesNetJapanActiveImage Protector

C:Program Files(x86)NetJapanActiveImage Protector

If ActiveImage Protector 2016 is not installed

1) Insert ActiveImage Protector 2016 Setup media to CD/DVD device.

2) Download the file, and decompress this file to Desktop.

3) Run the WinPeBuilder2.exe in the folder with [Run as administrator].

4) Click Yes in the following message.


5) Select a root of DVD and click [Select Folder] with [Select folder which has WIM files] screen.


Target Product

ActiveImage Protector 2016 Windows Edition (included non SP/SP1)


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