Installation of Boot Environment Builderer failed in exception-throwing error


When selecting [Install the related products] in ActiveImage Protector 2022 or ISO installer of and installing a related product such as Actiphy Boot Environment Builder, you get the following message and the installation may fail.

Exception of type 'Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.WixException' is thrown.


Please download the installer for Actiphy Boot Environment Builder / Actiphy HyperBoot / Actiphy Authentication Service (AAS) from Download Site and install any of the related products.

These products are not the related products in AIP 2022 or later, however, the installer is located in AIP product media. Please double-click “BEBuilder_Setup.exe” in “Setup” folder in the product media. Or, go to [Other products] – [Install Boot Environment Builder] in launcher and install the product.

Target Product

– Actiphy Boot Environment Builder


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