ActiveImage Protector 2022’s Installer


ActiveImage Protector 2022’s installer is enhanced from the earlier version. Please select the required items and install the components / related products respectively.

1) Install the licensed components by entering the product key
Install backup agent. Enter the product key for ActiveImage Protector 2022 to install the backup agent as well as remote console.

2) Install remote console
Please select this install type to install remote console enabling to operate backup agent installed on local computer or remote computer using GUI.

3) Install the related products
Please select this install type when you install related products.

3-1) Actiphy Boot Environment Builder
BE builder enables you to build boot environment. For further details please access here.
* This feature built in AIP2018 or earlier version as a licensed component is now provided as a related product with AIP2022.

3-2) Actiphy HyperBoot
Actiphy HyperBoot enables you to boot any ActiveImage Protector backup image as a virtual machine on a specified hypervisor. For further details please access here.

3-3) Actiphy Authentication Service (AAS)
Actiphy Authentication Service can act as a Standalone Licensing server without requiring a persistent internet connection. For more details, please refer here.

3-4) Actiphy ReZoom it!
ReZoom it! feature restores a specific virtual machine included in a backup image of the entire Hyper-V host. For more details, please refer here.
* ReZoom it! feature was built in “AIP for Hyper-V” edition of which sales ceased with AIP 2018. This feature is now provided as an extended feature of Server Edition.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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