HyperRecovery LIVE! fails in Unknown AIP error


When Hyper-V is selected as the target hypervisor and the following logs are recorded in task log, please check Hypvmng.dll.log as well.

06/13/2022 04:05:22.923 SetAIPImageBootVMDisk 004 wszVMName=SQL2014,dwReturn=0x1
06/13/2022 04:05:32.999 [1] Unknown AIP error

When the following error logs are concurrently recorded in Hypvmng.dll.log, please note booting virtual machine failed due to the problem of insufficient memory.

06-13-2022 13:05:21 Description:When initializing or booting virtual machine
06-13-2022 13:05:21 Error Code:32778
06-13-2022 13:05:21 ErrorDescription: Booting 'SQL' failed (virtual machine ID B1A96BA4-3147-4171-8113-6F6B36347FC6)
There is no sufficient memory space on the system required for booting virtual machine SQL which 20480 MB RAM is allocated. (Virtual machine ID B1A96BA4-3147-4171-8113-6F6B36347FC6)
'SQL' failed to initialize memory.: Due to insufficient memory resources, this process does not complete(0x8007000E). (Virtual machine ID B1A96BA4-3147-4171-8113-6F6B36347FC6)
06-13-2022 13:05:21 VMChangeStateMachine End

This issue is caused because the allocated memory required for normal operation of OS is different from the available memory size displayed on Task Manager.


Please use the following counter for the performance counter and check the correct available memory size allocated to the virtual machine.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory BalancerAvailable Memory

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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