HyperBack task fails in Exit -701 error


With HyperAgent deployed on ESXi host, when backing up the virtual machines configured on ESXi host on which a number of virtual machines are running, HyperBack task may fail in Exit -701 error.

06/12/2022 14:59:33.741 Read from VMDK failed, error: 4103 Level = ERROR[0]
06/12/2022 14:59:33.741 Warning: less data read, (0, 4194304 0)
06/12/2022 14:59:33.741 ##### Pipe line encounter ERROR: 7, last error code:4103, 0 Level = ERROR[0]
06/12/2022 14:59:33.741 ###### something wrong during run pipe line
06/12/2022 14:59:33.741 Pipeline end, exit code: -701

The above error indicates that API of VDDK 6.5 used by the product outputs an error. When you check VMware log records (C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-SYSTEM), the following error logs are recorded.

2022-06-12T23:59:33.741+09:00| vthread-5| W115: [NFC ERROR] NfcFssrvrProcessErrorMsg: received NFC error 5 from server: Failed to allocate the requested 4194328 bytes
2022-06-12T23:59:33.741+09:00| vthread-5| I125: DISKLIB-LIB : RWv failed ioId: #1 (802) (34) .
2022-06-12T23:59:33.741+09:00| vthread-5| E110: VixDiskLib: Detected DiskLib error 802 (NBD_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES).
2022-06-12T23:59:33.741+09:00| vthread-5| E110: VixDiskLib: VixDiskLib_Read: Read 8192 sectors at 0 failed. Error 2 (Memory allocation failed. Out of memory.) (DiskLib error 802: NBD_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES) at 5208.
2022-06-12T23:59:34.022+09:00| vthread-4| I125: VixDiskLib: VixDiskLib_Close: Close disk.

If a large of processes for VMDK of VDDK6.5 are processed, exceeding the limit for the usable memory when connected, it results in an error.

Please apply the following batch, so VDDK 6.5 is updated to VDDK 7. The above issue is expected to be solved.

VDDK patch

* Since VDDK 7 supports ESXi 6.5 or later environment only, please apply the patch only when agentless backup source ESXi host is version 6.5 or later.

Conditions for applying the patch
Agent Version     :
Console Version   :  

* If the agent or console version does not meet the above condition, please install the latest program (, apply the update patch ( and then apply this patch.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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