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Before installing ActiveImage Protector 2018 Linux (AIPLinux2018), you need to install the required packages. The use of the script for package installation enables to install the packages and drivers required for operation of AIP 2018 Linux edition and the product.


Run the script [] from the product media in terminal.
# ./

The following are the items of Install menu and the details.
[1] Agent
When using command to operate AIP 2018 Linux edition instead of GUI or remotely operate GUI, please select this item.
Install the packages required for AIP 2018 Linux edition Agent.

[2] GUI
When using GUI of AIP 2018 Linux edition only, select this item.
No installation required in minimal environment such as GNOME.

[3] [1]-[2]All
In general, please select this item.
The packages required for AIP 2018 Linux edition Agent and GUI are installed.

[4] Kernel-devel
Installs Kernel-devel depending on the currently running Kernel version.
Kernel-devel is required for compiling snapshot driver.

[5] Install datto driver
Installs the snapshot driver required for Backup feature of AIP 2018 Linux edition.
The use of AIP 2018 Linux edition installer enables to install this component, this item is not essential.

[6] Install AIP Linux
Run the installer of AIP 2018 Linux edition.

[7] Uninstall datto driver
Uninstalls datto driver.
After kernel update, when backup task fails due to snapshot error, select this item for uninstallation and reinstallation of datto driver.

[8] help
Detailed information of the respective items are displayed.

[9] exit
End script.

When the system is connected to internet, the required packages are installed.
* RHEL clone OS 7.0 – 7.5 does not support package installation over network.

When the system is not connected to internet, please get Linux OS setup DVD prepared.
* In case of CentOS7.x, since the required packages are included in EverythingISO, please get EverythingISO prepared.

Example of Installation Procedures

When newly install AIP 2018 Linux edition
1)Move to the mount point of the product media in terminal.

cd /<Mount Point>

2)Run the script [] included in the product media.

# ./

3) Installs the packages required for AIP 2018 Linux edition Agent and GUI
Enter “1” or “3” and press Enter key.

4) Install Kernel-devel required for compiling AIP 2018 Linux edition snapshot driver.
Enter “4” and press Enter key.

5)Run the AIP 2018 Linux edition installer.
Enter “6” and press Enter.

Please access the following site for the detailed installation procedures.

6) When installation process completes, end execution of the script.
Enter “9” and press Enter.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 Linux Update 8

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