How to restore a file


You can select one of the following operating procedures to restore a file from a backup image file by using ActiveImage Protector.
Depending on the situation, please select the optimum procedures of restoring a file.

Launch [File Recovery] wizard
Select [AIP Console] →[Recovery]→ [File Recovery] and restore a file from a backup image file. Enabling [Copy ACL] option also restores NTFS access right.

Mount Backup Image
Select [AIP Console] → [Image Manager] → [Mount Image]. Allocate a drive letter in Windows to the backup image file.
When the backup image file is mounted, you can access the drive in Windows Explorer and restore a file from the backup image file. The mounted backup image file is accessible just like a drive in Windows. You can also scan the mounted backup image file for viruses. The mounted image must be unmounted when you have finished using the backup image file.

Image Explorer
Double-click and open the backup image file (.aiv or .aii file) on Explorer. Right-click on the file and select [Copy] in the right-click menu, then [Paste] the file in the restore target folder.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018


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