How to address the problem with UASP Storage


Windows PE-based boot environment built by using ADK10 Version 2004 does not recognize UASP storage.
Therefore, when booting the boot environment by using USB memory connected to 3.0 port, the following occurs.

  • DeployUSB — “No. of License 0” is indicated and no further operation can be performed.
  • ActiveImage Protector — UASP Storage cannot be referenced as the destination for saving backup images.

To check if the UASP storage is supported or not, please see if the following “USB Attached SCSI (UAS) compatible device” is added when the target external storage is connected to Windows PC.

Device Manager
  -- storage controller
  --USB Attached SCSI (UAS) compatible device


Since this problem occurs on a specific version of ADK, this is ADK-dependent issue.


Please try one of the following versions.

  • ADK for Windows 10, Version 1903
  • ADK for Windows 11
  • ADK for Windows Server 2022


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