How to address the issue that a schedule setting file is corrupted


When a schedule setting file is corrupted, scheduled backup task does not run or may not be deleted from console. The schedule setting file is used on memory and flushed to the file when the service is stopped or OS is restarted so that the changes are recorded.
Therefore, when running out of memory or when OS is under heavy load, the flushed changes may not be correctly written to the file. In such case, the schedule file may be corrupted.


– When a schedule is listed on AIP console
When a created schedule is listed, please delete the schedule and create a new one.

– When a schedule is not listed on AIP console
Since the schedule cannot be deleted from AIP console, please take the following operating procedures to directly delete the schedule.

1)Stop AIP service
Stop “ActiveImage Protector Service” from the list of the services.

2)Delete “.xml” file located in AIP install path.

Profiles (schedule name) .xml
Profiles (schedule name) INC.xml (when incremental backup task settings are configured)
Schedules (schedule name) .xml

3)Start AIP service
Start “ActiveImage Protector Service” from the service list.

4)Launch AIP console and create a new schedule.

* Since the obsolete image files existing in the destination storage cannot be managed with new schedules, please manually delete the old unnecessary image files.

Target Products

– ActiveImage Protector 2016 / 2016R2 / 2018


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