Garbled characters are shown in boot environment built by using Windows RE


When booting boot environment built by using Windows RE selected with ActiveImage Protector RescueBoot or Actiphy Boot Environment Builder, garbled characters may be shown.


When building WinPE-based boot environment by using Windows RE, the boot environment is built by using WinRE preloaded into the Windows on your PC. Therefore, if WinRE is not customizable with Japanese language, garbled characters are shown.
If you get the problem of garbled characters in WinPE-based boot environment, please select [□□□□]>[English] at the far right in the menu bar of AIP’s GUI, so that you can select English.


After installation of ADK, please select [Windows Assessment & Deployment Kit (ADK)], select the preferred language in Preference setting window and build the boot environment.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022
– Actiphy Boot Environment Builder


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