Fake RAID configuration is not supported


When using Linux-based boot environment in Fake RAID configuration (or BIOS RAID), kernel boots up and mistakingly recognizes Fake RAID configuration as mdraid, and Fake RAID configuration is detected as [not clean], and as a result [resync] automatically occurs.

In that situation, Linux-based boot environment, when shutting down, may stop in the midst of [resync] process depending on the timing. Then, the status of Fake RAID may be determined as invalid and rebuild may be caused.
Therefore, Fake RAID configuration is not supported.

We found that [resync] occurred also when boot environment was booted from the following Live media.
・CentOS 8.3 Live DVD
・Debian officially released Debian11 Live DVD

Therefore, [resync] occurs not only when booting Linux-based boot environment, but also when booting by using LiveDVD of a variety of distributions.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018/2022 Linux


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