Execution of parallel backup of multiple virtual machines by using HyperBackup may result in Exit -630 though in a rare case


The use of HyperBackup backs up virtual machines by taking snapshot of ESXi or Hyper-V host.
However, execution of multiple backup tasks scheduled to back up multiple virtual machines at a time may result in Exit -630 depending on the environment.

Exit -630 is caused by a problem occurred when taking a snapshot of a host.


By default, [Parallel Backup] is enabled for HyperBackup.
Enabling this option and parallel execution of multiple backup tasks for multiple virtual machines at a time quickly increases burden of disk I/O operations, which causes delay in the process on host and may result in time-out error.
For further detailed cause analysis, please review the following logs.

ESXi host:Monitor VMs of which backup task failed — Monitor log information
Hyper-v host:Monitor host system log, application log, etc.


Please try either of the following workaround options.

1) In order to lesson burden of disk I/O operations, select [Sequential Backup] instead of [Parallel Backup].
2) Decrease the number of tasks to run.

For further detailed operating procedures, please access the following site for ActiveImage Protector Help.

Target Products

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 Virtual Edition


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