Depending on ESXi version, HyperBackup task may fail


Depending on ESXi version, creating a quiesced snapshot does not successfully complete and online backup using HyperBack may fail.

Currently known problematic versions
– ESXi5.5 update2 2068190
– ESXi6.0.0 Update 3 6921384


This issue is probably caused by some problem with quiesced snapshot of VM on ESXi.


1)If backing up VM on ESXi 5.5, please update to ESXi5.5 update3 or later.
2)If backing up VM on ESXi6.0, please update to ESXi 6.0 EP 23 or later.
* If backing up VM on ESXi6.0, because this problem involves uncertain occurrence conditions, update to the latest version may not solve the problem.

Even with VM on the problematic version, you are recommended to take a snapshot of the problematic VM for improvement.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 / 2022


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