Change OS of LinuxBE


The earlier versions of AIP BE Builder have been long provided as CentOS7.x/8.x-based BE builder. Since the future release plans of CentOS is uncertain,
AIP2022 BE Builder is now implemented to build Linux-based boot environment based on Debian.

This change of base OS provides the following improvements.

  • Complete on-memory boot
  • Reduced ISO-file size

Complete on-memory boot

On-memory boot of CentOS-based boot environment was not flawless. For example, when ejecting DVD media after booting the boot environment by using DVD, the system hangs up.
Debian-based boot environment enables complete on-memory boot. Once Debian-based boot environment boots up, even when DVD media is ejected, you can proceed with further operation.

Reduced ISO-file size

As the size of ISO-file of CentOS-based boot environment has increased by 50~80MB for every minor version, the ISO-file of CentOS 7.4-based boot environment is 1.06GB while ISO-file of CentOS 8.3-based boot environment is 1.24GB. This problem was caused due to the increasing number of dependent packages in which the number of embedded packages have increased.
In case of Debian-based boot environment, user-friendly GNOME desktop environment is used and the package is minimum configured.
As a result, ISO-file size of Debian-based boot environment is reduced to 981MB.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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