Building boot environment successfully completed, however, WinPE does not normally boot up


Building boot environment by using DeployUSB successfully completed, however, WinPE does not boot up from the USB.

The settings are not correctly configured for this USB drive.
Please retry or create the key.
OS is shutting down.


This is caused by some kind of trouble in a sector in USB memory.


Please take the following operating procedures, see if there is no problem in sectors on USB memory and build the boot environment again.

1)Delete partitions, format the USB and check if it’s possible to fix the issue.
When creating a partition or a driver letter fails on Windows, please perform physical formatting by using the third party tool downloadable from the following site.
Running “ERASE TEST” of the following tool to the target device may fix the issue.

2) When the above step 1) does not solve the problem, try with another USB.

Target Product

-ActiveImage Deploy USB


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