Backup and restore of the system of virtual machine on cloud environment


ActiveImage Protector 2022 Cloud supports backup and restore of the system of virtual machine configured on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure.
Install ActiveImage Protector agent on Windows or Linux virtual machines to back up the entire hard disk of virtual machine including the operating system along with all your applications and data in a backup image file.
When an emergency arises, any backup image of a hard disk including system and data can be restored directly to a virtual machine within the same cloud environment. Also, File / Folder Backup and Restore features are also provided.

Amazon AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure Storage are supported as the destination for directly saving backup files.
This is because when restoring the system of the virtual machine, you have to select a backup image file saved in Amazon AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure Storage.

When restoring a virtual machine, go to Management console – [In-Cloud Recovery], however you are not allowed to operate on restore target machine.
You need to operate by using Management console of AIP2022 Server Edition installed on a remote machine.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022 Cloud


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