Backing up USB HDD by using ActiveImage Protector


ActiveImage Protector supports USB HDD for the backup source. However, ActiveImage Protector does not support a device recognized as a removable disk.

How to check
Run the command prompt and execute “wmic logicaldisk list brief”.
ActiveImage Protector supports DriveType 3 of USB device for the backup source.
DriveType 2 of USB device recognized as a removable disk is not supported.

C:>wmic logicaldisk list brief
DeviceID DriveType FreeSpace     ProviderName   Size           VolumeName
C:       3         30201970688                  105866108928
D:       2         31019925504                  31020023808    USB MEMORY
E:       3         27048783872                  132677365760   data
U:       3         170443665408                 203921108992   USB HDD

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2016/2018


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