Backing up BitLocker encrypted device


When backing up Microsoft BitLocker encrypted device, please note the following limitations depending on the backup feature you use.

Hot Backup

  • Backup using Smart Sector technology is supported.
  • BootCheck can be enabled for this backup.
  • When restoring this backup file, BitLocker encryption is disabled for the restored device.
    * This behavior is caused due to the design of Volume Shadow Copy service in Microsoft Windows.

Cold Backup

  • Only full-sector backup supports encrypted device.
  • BootCheck can be executed for the created backup image, however, encryption fails in error.
  • IT Pro supports only full backup and Backup Type setting window is not displayed. When restoring this backup image, BitLocker encryption is enabled for the restored device.
  • When using the restored system disk for booting up the system on a different computer instead of the backup source computer, you will be prompted to enter restore key.
    * Copy operation has the same limitations. When copying BitLocker encrypted device in boot environment, BitLocker is enabled with the copied device.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2022


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