Auto start-up setting for AIP service is changed to manual start-up


When applying AIP2018 Update7 patch version, the start-up setting for AIP service is changed from “auto” to “manual” start-up. When Windows boots up, AIP service no longer starts, therefore, schedule backup task does not start.


Please apply the following patch.
This patch can be applied to the environment where the agent version “” is installed and patch version “” is applied.

When GUI fix, GUI fix patch, which Actiphy Inc., released,
is applied, application of the patch fails after an alert.

Operating Procedures:
1)Please delete “patch.ini” or rename it to “patch.ini.bak” located in the ActiveImage Protector’s install path.
2) Please apply the patch described in the article. The patch is applied and “patch.ini” is created.
3) When “patch.ini” is backed up by using the above step 1), please delete the created “patch.ini” and rename “patch.ini.bak” to “patch.ini”.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 patch version


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