AIP service does not run due to confliction of the used port


When restarting AIP service, the service may not run. When the following error logs are recorded in aip.log, as other process uses the port for AIP service, AIP service does not run.

Error of Linux Edition
bind() failed on port 48236 with error: 98, retry time: 0 Level=ERROR [98]

Error of Windows Edition
bind() failed on port 48236 with error: 10048, retry time: 0 Level=ERROR [10048]


Change the default port for the service.

1) Open aip.ini.

Location of aip.ini for Linux Edition
/opt/<NetJapan or Actiphy>/aip.ini

Location of aip.ini for Windows Edition
C:Program Files (x86)ActiphyActiveImage Protectoraip.ini

2) Change the value for the following sections to the port number not in use.

; Port used for remote connection. If <= 0 disable remote connection.
; Port used for network discovery. If <= 0 disable network discovery.

3) Run AIP service.

Linux Edition
# /opt/NetJapan or Actiphy/aipservice start

Windows Edition
> net start aipservice

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018/2016


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