ActiveImage Protector’s Reconcile Feature


ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update 7 (build or earlier version comes with Reconcile feature. Reconcile feature enables to continue the subsequent incremental backup tasks uninterrupted if encountering an error.

When Reconcile feature is enabled
When an incremental backup task fails, Reconcile feature enables to create the subsequent incremental backup files.

When running a backup task by enabling Reconcile feature, in practice, a differential backup task is executed to compare the used blocks in full backup image and the existing incremental backup images.
As a result, the processing time may be longer.
* When you have a large number of incremental backup images, execution of a full backup task may be more efficient.

When Reconcile feature is disabled
When an incremental backup task fails, full backup file is created.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update7 (build or earlier version


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