ActiveImage Protector and the related products use the following port number

ActiveImage Protector uses the following port numbers:

ActiveImage Protector 2018 / 2022
- The following ports must be opened when using remote AIP console.
  TCP Port 48236
  UDP Port 48238
  UDP Port 48239

- When selecting NAS for the destination to save backup images, the following port must be opened for NAS.
  TCP Port 445

- HyperBack/HyperRestore/HyperStandby
  For communication with VMware vCenter Server, ESXi,
  TCP/UDP Port 902
  TCP Port 443
Actiphy Authentication Service
- Host (Actiphy Authentication Service)
UDP Port 55236
UDP Port 55237
UDP Port 55238
TCP Port 443

- Client(ActiveImage Protector 2018)
UDP Port 55238
UDP Port 55239
- Host(ActiveVisor)
TCP Port 135
TCP Port 139
TCP Port 445
TCP Port 57236
TCP Port 57237
TCP Port 60236

- When registering Citrix Hypervisor in [Add Hypervisor]
TCP Port 16509
Online Activation
- When accessing Actiphy Activation Server for online activation:
TCP Port 443


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