About ActiveImage Protector Boot Environment


ActiveImage Protector comes with Windows PE-based and Linux-based boot environment.
The following are the differences between the two boot environments.


Windows PE-based boot environment

– Use Boot Environment Builder and build Windows PE-based boot environment.
– Microsoft Windows ADK is required to be installed on the host to build the Windows PE based boot environments.
– Create bootable media by selecting DVD, USB flash memory, USB hard disk as well as ISO image.
– These media are not included in the product.
– Restoring the volume in reduced size is supported.
– You are allowed to use the created boot environment in multiple environments as far as the use of the boot environment is validly licensed.
(No need for creating boot environment for the respective environments)
– Backup image files created by using Windows Server Edition/Desktop Edition can be restored in the boot environment.

Linux-based boot environment

– CentOS8-based boot environment
– When you purchased the product media, the second piece of the media is Linux-based boot environment. (The first piece is install media.)
– When you did not purchase the media, “.iso” file of Linux-based boot environment is located in \ISO folder in the downloaded ISO file, please write the file in bootable format in DVD media and use the DVD as the bootable media.
– The latest version of Linux-based bootable environment is downloadable from the following KB site.
– You cannot build yourself the latest version of Linux-based bootable environment.
– Use Linux-based bootable environment when restoring backup image file created by using Server Edition/Desktop Edition, Linux Edition.
– Please do not eject the media while the boot environment is in use.
– You cannot restore image files created per disk in boot environment booted by using DVD media.
– Secure Boot is not supported.

Target Product

– ActiveImage Protector 2018

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